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Care & Service

Customer Care


JerichoSHOP is an online section of Jericho Chemists. Contacting us with an order is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We are a physical retail Pharmacy. Just give us a call and a customer service rep will be happy to help. We love questions.




• Mon-Fri 10am to 7pm

• Sat 10am - 5pm

• Sun 10am - 3pm


If you are a local customer you can call us, tell us what item you want and hold an item for you for 3 hours and you can pick up your order in person or we can deliver to your home free of charge. If you have other prescriptions that needs to be delivered you can pay for your product upon delivery. Cash or credit card. We are located in Bellerose, NY.

Contact: 516-882-3777


Payment Methods 


• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments


Shipping Policy


Shipping is calculated by:

• Flat rate, Free shipping on orders over $100


via UPS, Fedex or USPS to a United States residence only.

NY State tax applied on certain items.


Return & Exchange Policy


• Refunds are accepted within 7 days on certain products.

• Products must be have original packaging with no dents, tears, leaks 

   or broken seals.

• Supplements, multivitamins and OTC medication are non refundable.

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